AfriSynergy - Cultural Travel and Events in South Africa
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Cultural Travel & Events in South Africa

AfriSynergy is a black owner-managed company specialising in Cultural Travel and Events in South Africa.

The company pledges to give each of its visitors a balanced experience of South Africa by including cultural, natural and people beauty in each of its itineraries or programmes. In terms of its vision, it deems it of utmost importance to ensure that the tourism dollar filters furthest into the communities exchanged with.

The company evisages achieving its mission with a strong combination of values that include:

    - Uncompromising Reliability
    - Absolute attention to detail
    - Doing it right first time
    - Firm belief in Humanity


Did you know?


South Africa's National Flower is the Protea, which is part of the Fynbos family.
South Africa has the world's 22nd-largest economy by gross domestic product.
South Africa has the richest concentration of rock art in Africa and among the finest in the world.
South Africa has 11 official languages.
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